I am a native of Achill Island which is situated on the west coast of Ireland. Generations of my family have used “Turf” from the Bogs of Achill as fuel and now I work on the “Bogwood” to create the pieces you now see in my Gallery.

My Bogwood Sculptures are simple since they are openly crafted by hand. Each piece is unique, the beauty and shape has not been altered only enhanced by careful craftsmanship.

I am a “Direct Carver” working from memory while observing the subject. I am simply drawn to a piece of wood because of its shape, colour and structure. In this way I slowly develop forms always keeping in mind the properties of the wood. When I observe the outcome it is as if I was “merely a servant of the process” .

I try to capture a beauty that differs from popular notions of what such standards should be. Each piece has its own personality.

“Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”